Zeus’ Harness

My brother and sis in law got a mastiff. He’s a big boy. They bought a harness for him, but it was too small. They were telling me this last summer when I asked if they’d buy the materials and I’d make them one out of leather.

They agreed. I got information on what they required in their harness and started to work on it. They wanted a handle on the backpiece, he’s definitely a large enough dog to make that work, and reflective tape to be seen at night.

I decided the leather was too thin, I wanted something thicker, as well as a protective barrier against rubbing his skin on potentially wicked edges on the leather. I came across some strong soft felt lining, then had to go to Tandy to get materials and instructions on how to put the layers together. The entire harness is saddle stitched together, adding more strength.8.10.14.zeus1

Many other projects got in the way, and I only just finished it last week.


I’m happy with the results, though it needs a few more holes to tighten the chest piece up just a little bit, as well as break in time. The leather is quite stiff right now.8.10.14.zeus3

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