Witch’s Night

Last month was October. Each year Gardener Village does two weekends when all the witch’s come out to play. We joined in the fun on the 24th.
There was a multitude of people dancing in the square, shipping in every shop in the place, visiting, eating, and just generally having a great time.

it was quite warm, we took our lined capes of early in the evening.

I ran into a couple of union sibs, sending the rest of my party on to the next shop, and we visited for a short time and watched the people packed into the main square dance.

As we were trying to cross the masses to get to the other side of the dancers I was carrying Phoenix on a hip and was about to pass a family trying to cross the packed square.

I half stepped, stopped, and turned to talk to the woman behind the stroller with a very small child in it.  A man with a little on his shoulders approached me as I was talking to her. They were stuck, not willing push the stroller through the masses, and possibly get seperated.

I offered to help. I told the father to lead, grabbed a corner of the stroller, and pulled the rest of the family through the crowd until the people thinned out. They thanked me, and we all continued on with our night.

10.24.14.witchnight looking

We shopped, played, and danced every time we left a shop. We looked at all the witch displays, they were impressive, as always.

Phoenix was quite a spectacle in her witchy attire dancing her little heart out.

We didn’t take the group photo until we were leaving, it was late, about 9:30, and everyone was tired. The fun that night was well worth the late hour.

10.24.14.witchnight group

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