Union Labor Day Picnic 2014

Here in Utah the Unions get together in Magna park for a day of entertainment and fun to celebrate Labor Day, a day set aside for working men and women.

This year we had nice warm weather, sitting in the mid 80’s, and a slight breeze through cloudless skies. A gorgeous day for a picnic.

As everyone shows up they sign in, getting wristbands for lunch for themselves and their family members, tickets for the raffle for the adults, and a chance to buy tickets for bicycles, or tickets for COPE contributions for a big BBQ grill, and tickets for a TV through the Credit Union. Then they stand in line for a beautiful IBEW Labor Day shirt which is made in USA, if they have kids they make their way down the line and every kid gets a prize, then lunch.

I was at the hall early to help bring whatever needed bringing, over to the park. I was assigned to help hand out shirts, which went very well, with the help of at least 6 other brothers.


Platt electric supply donates water bottles, hats, firsbees and other miscelanious items every year. This year they had 2 big boxes of “baby hard hats”, my friend picked one up and put it on, then he goaded me into doing the same. We had to take the liners out to make them fit. Here we are, twins in our matching shirts and hardhats.

After we’d run out of the little hardhats a little girl came by and asked me if we had more. I first told her no, then picked up the liner and gave her mine. After all, what do I want with a little hardhat? I hope she gets a kick out of wearing it, pretending to do the awesome work we do!

We as IBEW members had Bout Time cater burgers and hotdog meals, with potato salad, pasta salad, and cookies for our lunch. They did a good job, though I think there were more people than they expected.

After lunch we have a raffle and people win Made in USA prizes bought by the Hall.

There is also a big car show and entertainment for the kids, mostly huge blow up bounce houses and slides. This year I also saw a small blacksmith shop.

It’s always a good time, and I thank everyone who puts their ideas and time into making these such nice occasions.

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