Taking Cornrows Out

Today I’ve had my cornrows in for three weeks. They’re very loose, and despite using shampoo/conditioner stuff meant for them, my scalp itches terribly. I definitely don’t want dreads, so it’s time to take them out.

Here’s a picture of the day they were done. In the next shot is how much they’ve fallen and grown out.

8.9.14.cornrow2   8.30.14.hair1

Here, half of the braids are undone. I missed my rainbow I even thought about chalking one in, but was worried about it drying out my hair and scalp.

Phoenix helped me un-braid and brush it out once we’d got it all undone.8.30.14.hair4

Bo decided he needed some camera time too.


Here’s the huge wavy mane that it leaves.


It is nice to have to do little to take care of my hair for awhile, but taking them down and washing out the mess, watching so much hair leave my head, is always scary. I shampoo’d twice, and conditioned really well, but still have dandruff for another wash or two.

It always looks really light once I take it down. It’s nice to have the flowing length back though.

8.30.14.hair7  8.30.14.hair8

I’m sure I will put this up again in a similar fashion next summer.

Until then, here’s Phoenix trying unsuccessfully to make pout face…


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