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Hot Feet

    We went out to get the mail from the mailman right before lunch. I know how hot the cement gets when its 100 degrees outside, so I carried Phoenix out to the lawn and asked her to stay on the lawn while I closed the door. I picked her up again and we went […]

Hogle Zoo, Stile’s pictures

These are pictures from Sunday at the zoo. Stile took them with his camera. I don’t remember the Rhino’s, I don’t think I got to see them, so I’m glad he took a few pictures of them. This is the beautiful peacock whom Phoenix was trying to crawl through the fence to get a better […]

Utah’s Hogle Zoo

  Yesterday we made a trip to the zoo. This is the first time Phoenix has been there, and I haven’t been since middle school, I’d say at least twenty years ago. We made it a family occasion, Stile, Phoenix, Phoenix’s Grandma and Grandpa on my side, my brother Wags and Sis in Law Toad, […]