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Chicken Coop Door

We’ve finally gotten our beautiful blue skies back. The only clouds are those made by high flying jets, and the air has warmed considerable, though the water thats been sitting in the containers around the yard is quite chilly. Today I plan to fix the door on the run. Its been either to cold or […]

Pup in the Sandbox

Today we had French Toast and an orange for lunch. I like mine with butter, cinnamon and sugar. Phoenix likes to dip her powdered sugar covered toast in syrup. But she enjoyed it. Here she is giving me a big grin, with food in her teeth. In the afternoon after Stile got off work and […]

Windshield and Iris

My iris’ are blooming! Yay. Phoenix inspected the first bloom of our iris’ this year, I think they met with her approval. There is more ready to pop. Yesterday Phoenix and I ran some errands. On 201 way out west we followed a Jeep Grand Cherokee. He threw a rock chip at us, it hit, […]