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Gardner Village Elves

Saturday we wanted to see the elves at Gardner Village, so around lunch we packed up and did it! The weather was awesome! Mid 50’s all week, which is super unusual for Utah, usually we’re mid 20-30 by now, with snow on the ground and grey skies above. Apparently it hasn’t been this warm since […]

Long walk

Phoenix and I dance in the yard often. We like to get gussied up in all our bellydance finery and shake it to good music on the lawn. Mostly she loves it when I run the veil over and around her. My ulterior motive was to see if the ankle bells would hold up. They […]

Fairy Walks and Cake

My worst enemy, the bloody seam ripper! Out to draw the blood from unwary fingers and tear loose threads from the wrong part of the fabric. I hate using this tool, though it does have its necessary uses. I needed to tear apart a Retro Care Bear hat, which was made too big, for a […]

Beautiful Day

Today’s excitement started with a beautiful morning walk. The wind was brisk and playful, I chased Phoenix’s hat three times, it kept flying from her head. Bo wanted to jump into the very full canal and take a swim, as well as chase ducks. It was a nice morning for a mile walk, and it […]