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Phoenix Shopping Trip

Mid November came, and with it chill air. Phoenix is growing so quickly, she’s outgrown all of her 18 month clothes, including the cute leopard print coat she’s used for two years. Her shoes were found at the DI for very cheap while I was laid off, and she had no snow boots for the […]

Chickens on the rafters

Game Haven West Jordan took a picture of Nathan Drake, little Satsuki, and Rogue while we were there. They posted it to Facebook just the other day. Here we are, in all our Free Comic Book Day glory! Look at these good lookin’ gals! I went out to put them in the house tonight and […]

Catbus and Chocolate Milk

Today, I finally finished Phoenix’s catbus. I was hoping to have this done for Easter, but am now a week and a day late. Oops, well, at least I did finish it. It took a lot more yarn than I expected! 3 whole 3 oz skeins of gold Lion Brand yarn (I ran out last […]