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Gardner Village Elves

Saturday we wanted to see the elves at Gardner Village, so around lunch we packed up and did it! The weather was awesome! Mid 50’s all week, which is super unusual for Utah, usually we’re mid 20-30 by now, with snow on the ground and grey skies above. Apparently it hasn’t been this warm since […]

Pillows and Hair Dye

A few nights ago Phoenix dragged her pillow horse onto the bed with her to sleep. She’s never actually slept on a pillow before, but this night she was out when I went to check on her. We dyed our hair first thing in the morning. I like to do my Rogue (from the X-Men) […]

West Jordan Park

Our yard is doing well, the water lilies are blooming as are the Hollyhocks and climbing roses in the back. The grape is looking much happier off the ground with a trellis to climb. I hope we get some grapes off of it this year, that’d be fun. Today we had to go back out […]