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Showgirl Headpiece Completion

  Today I got to work on that fancy commission piece I’ve talked about all week. Phoenix went to my Mom-in-laws, she loves it there and she’s a pleasure to them, so it’s really good all around. I was really nervous about working with such expensive feathers, and I’d never done a piece like this […]

Chickens on the rafters

Game Haven West Jordan took a picture of Nathan Drake, little Satsuki, and Rogue while we were there. They posted it to Facebook just the other day. Here we are, in all our Free Comic Book Day glory! Look at these good lookin’ gals! I went out to put them in the house tonight and […]

Chickens and Catbus

The chicks are eating like hogs and drinking way more than I expected them to. I’ve refilled their totally drained water about every other day this week, and it’s been chilly to downright cold (in my opinion). They are almost two months old now and still growing. I’m glad all four have made it, they […]