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Spudman Triathlon

This weekend we helped WileE. make it to his first triathlon. It’s a 3 hour drive from the Salt Lake Valley to Burley Idaho, due to my blood problems I have to get out and walk every other hour of the journey. On this trip we pulled off  nearby a ramshackle old house, so I […]

Pioneer Day 2014

The day started out like any other. Get Phoenix and me cerial, start my coffee, start a cartoon for her. Around 8 we went to check on the chickens, make sure their food and water was at a good level. While we were playing with the chickens something on the ramp caught my eye: Our […]

West Jordan Park

Our yard is doing well, the water lilies are blooming as are the Hollyhocks and climbing roses in the back. The grape is looking much happier off the ground with a trellis to climb. I hope we get some grapes off of it this year, that’d be fun. Today we had to go back out […]