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Dandelion fluff and Leather

Last Friday when we went to pick up Phoenix, Grammy had her in the backyard. Stile showed her how to wish on dandelion fluff and blow. She sucks in when she blows, so got most of the fluff on her lips and tongue, but it was a cute try. After that she’d just shake the […]

Coop and Fire

Today we had a few hours to work on the chicken run, and I had Stile’s hands to help me out. We got the last side of chicken wire up, as well as a heavier duty hardware mesh on the roof. My drill died once, and I didn’t let the battery charge long enough, so […]

Nap with a Dragon

This afternoon as Phoenix was getting ready for her nap she snagged her giant green dragon buddy and tried to pull him by the wings into her crib to sleep with. I grudgingly gave in (such a pushover for her constant cuteness) and helped her maneuver him into the crib. I pulled a light blanket […]