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Phoenix Shopping Trip

Mid November came, and with it chill air. Phoenix is growing so quickly, she’s outgrown all of her 18 month clothes, including the cute leopard print coat she’s used for two years. Her shoes were found at the DI for very cheap while I was laid off, and she had no snow boots for the […]

Hot Feet

    We went out to get the mail from the mailman right before lunch. I know how hot the cement gets when its 100 degrees outside, so I carried Phoenix out to the lawn and asked her to stay on the lawn while I closed the door. I picked her up again and we went […]

June Chill and Rain

Yesterday a storm swirled overhead, not dropping, but causing me pain and a dizzy headache. Stile needed to go to the library, so we had a half an hour of fun there before returning home and having dinner. Phoenix loves the O Chair, and many of the other activities they have set up in the […]

West Jordan Park

Our yard is doing well, the water lilies are blooming as are the Hollyhocks and climbing roses in the back. The grape is looking much happier off the ground with a trellis to climb. I hope we get some grapes off of it this year, that’d be fun. Today we had to go back out […]