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Roses in the Rain

The little rainstorms we get in Utah add delightful beauty to the plants of my garden. A Fire and Ice rose A pink Lily A Lavender rose A Red Rose A black red rose

Summer in Utah

Last night for the last hour of sun, the light was dark gold streaming through the western windows, and though it was unique and a little cool, it also spoke ill of our air quality. This morning as I ate breakfast and sipped at my coffee I couldn’t help noticing the rose color light coming […]

Hot Feet

    We went out to get the mail from the mailman right before lunch. I know how hot the cement gets when its 100 degrees outside, so I carried Phoenix out to the lawn and asked her to stay on the lawn while I closed the door. I picked her up again and we went […]

Family Art, Gardens and Chickens

Friday night we were over at my in laws. My mom in law had seen a video for 3-d hand art that she loved which she shared with us. Uncle Worm helped Nene, Phoenix’s cousin complete one, I helped Phoenix, and then Nene did one of Uncle Worms hand as well. I think we all […]

June Chill and Rain

Yesterday a storm swirled overhead, not dropping, but causing me pain and a dizzy headache. Stile needed to go to the library, so we had a half an hour of fun there before returning home and having dinner. Phoenix loves the O Chair, and many of the other activities they have set up in the […]