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Spider Dragon Costume

A month ago, my 3 year old told me she wanted to be “A dragon by day, a spider by night.” Her words. I told her I wasn’t making 2 costumes. Then I got out my drawing stuff and put the 2 together. I asked her what color dragon she’d want to be, she responded […]

CONduit 2015

CONduit is a small Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention based in Salt Lake City. Their theme this year was “There and Back Again.” We didn’t do anything along the lines of that. Stile and I have been going to it for at least the last 6 years. We take Phoenix now as well. Friday we got there pretty […]

Backyard Camping

Stile, WileE., my mom and I went to see Maleficent this morning. It was awesome! Right up there with Labyrinth. Definitely one I’ll own once it comes out. Phoenix went over to spend the day with my mom in law, she’s too young to sit through a whole movie. She gets to play with cousins […]