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Spider Dragon Costume

A month ago, my 3 year old told me she wanted to be “A dragon by day, a spider by night.” Her words. I told her I wasn’t making 2 costumes. Then I got out my drawing stuff and put the 2 together. I asked her what color dragon she’d want to be, she responded […]

A few more pictures from Fairy Festival

Crone’s Hollow posted their photographs of the Fairy Festival event about a week after the event. These pictures of my little family were taken by their photographer, and I’m glad they had taken a few, because they’re better than what we had from our camera. Phoenix and I in the coffee line. Phoenix the fairy […]

Fairy Festival

Today is Fairy Festival! We hope to be there early, Crone’s Hollow opens the gate at noon. We also have a wedding reception for one of my D&D buddies tonight. I didn’t have Stile’s dragon wings done yet, so that is order of the morning. I started by building a piece for the wings to […]

Long walk

Phoenix and I dance in the yard often. We like to get gussied up in all our bellydance finery and shake it to good music on the lawn. Mostly she loves it when I run the veil over and around her. My ulterior motive was to see if the ankle bells would hold up. They […]