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Summer Dance Festival

Last night my parents took Phoenix so we could go to Cotton Bottom for garlic burgers with some friends. The burgers were huge and good. If I’d have known they were that large I would have seen about sharing one with someone! The bar was a lot smaller than I had expected, having only a […]

Kids and Mountains

Next week my nieces and nephews go back to school. Yesterday they decided they were bored and wanted to come over to visit. I let them, willingly.They entertain Phoenix just by being here, they play and read with her. She loves her cousins mightily! That gave me much need time to clean the house. It’s […]

Chickens and Mud Holes

Most days we are getting 4 eggs now. Three browns and a blue. One of the browns is a lighter shade than the other two, and I can’t tell the other two apart. Phoenix was helping me in the yard the other day, and we’d let the chickens out to run. She’d chase them just […]

Family Campout

Every summer my mom’s side does a family campout. My grandpa had 11 siblings, it’s all of them, and their decendants. That amounts to a whole lot of people when everyone shows up. It’s in group site above Timpanogos cave. It’s beautiful up there, this year it was cooler and rainier than usual, but that […]

Very Greek Grilled…Pork

Bo and I are beginning to train ourselves to run, again. Stile has been most supportive in this, taking Phoenix for the half hour-40 minutes it takes us to do our training. We have run twice now, Four sets of: walk 5 minutes, followed by run 2 minutes. I’m sore, and Bo shows some stiffness […]