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A few short stories

May 15, 2014 My mom in law and sis in law were watching Phoenix, they pulled out a picture book. It had people dressed up as different things, on one page there is the picture of a witch. Phoenix points to that picture and states “Mama!” Haha! I’ve taught her well.   May 27, 2014 […]


Way back in 2006 we picked up a cat from the Petsmart adoption weekend. We went looking for a black cat for Stile, but a mostly white one woke up as we passed the cagshe was in. She looked straight at him, howling and purring and trying to get to him. She settled down as […]

Showgirl Headpiece Completion

  Today I got to work on that fancy commission piece I’ve talked about all week. Phoenix went to my Mom-in-laws, she loves it there and she’s a pleasure to them, so it’s really good all around. I was really nervous about working with such expensive feathers, and I’d never done a piece like this […]