Spider Dragon Costume

A month ago, my 3 year old told me she wanted to be “A dragon by day, a spider by night.” Her words.

I told her I wasn’t making 2 costumes. Then I got out my drawing stuff and put the 2 together. I asked her what color dragon she’d want to be, she responded red. She had no idea what I was doing until I showed her the finished drawing.

When she saw the drawing she loved the idea, and I told her we’d build it together.


So every weekend for awhile we’d work on it for about an hour a night.During this process I taught her to use a glue gun safely. Earlier in the year she got burned on one, and is still fearful of it.

Some of it I finished while she was in school or bed at night, but it’s finished and I think we’re both happy with it.


The parts: Some of this I had kicking around and didn’t have to purchase this time around.

Halloween shop: Tights

Hardware store: Fencing wire

Craft store: smallest size t-shirt (which goes to her knees), black spider web table runner, giant pipe cleaner

fabric stores: pattern for monster hood, cottons in blue, red, black and white, and feathery fake fur in red

Clothing stores: boots and a black skirt, which I added some of the table runner edge


I found a tutorial online for the tail: at www.running-w-scissors.com dinosaur-tails 

I used the basic idea for Fairy wings, which I’ve used before, for these dragon wings. I definitely could have used a stiffer wire, like coat hanger, because they hang a little heavier than I expected.


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