Sheepdog Championship 2014

Last night we ran Phoenix over to my parents house to sleep over so we could get an early start in the morning. She was a little sick, and apparently that continued into the night. I am sorry to my mom for having to watch my sick little girl who didn’t sleep much last night, but I know she got the best care over there.

Today WileE., Stile, and I went to the Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship. It was a gorgeous day, with cloudy skies left behind in the valley, and a few fluffy white clouds drifting through the sky, a brisk breeze blowing gently on and off, and the sun shining down all day. All three of us got a little sunburned.

The cost was higher than we’d expected, at $13/adult, with $2 off coupons we’d picked up at the service station down in Midway that came to $11/person. WileE. was good enough to drive us all there.


We watched many dogs run all over the hills, collecting five sheep to run through gates, around a post, into a ring, and eventually to a tight enclosure.

The sheep are nearly wild, living in the deserts of Utah and Nevada, they aren’t used to being herded or controlled in any way. The dog in this picture was used to round up the sheep and take them to a holding pen once the round had been finished. It looked a lot like my Bo.


We saw police dogs in action, both for drug sniff out and people control. I loved watching them go after the drugs, they were very intent, more like play than actual work.

Once we’d left there we came across a pen with smaller sheep in it, along with this guy and his massive horns.8.31.14.curlyhorns

There were also some dogs jumping into a huge pool of water, but it seemed like not much was going on over that way.

There were many rescue organizations, including this one with this beautiful crow.


We missed the obstacle course runners, but the arena they had set up for them looked fascinating.

We all got hungry, eventually Stile ended up with pulled pork and potatoes, WileE. got an Aussie pie, and I got a lamb burger.


After lunch we watched more dogs compete all over the mountain, then wandered through the vendors once more before leaving. As we were wandering we came across a shelter who had a few animals you could pet, like this tortuise, or a giant rabbit.



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