Phoenix Shopping Trip

Mid November came, and with it chill air. Phoenix is growing so quickly, she’s outgrown all of her 18 month clothes, including the cute leopard print coat she’s used for two years. Her shoes were found at the DI for very cheap while I was laid off, and she had no snow boots for the coming winter.

It was time to head out and buy her some new clothes.

We went to South Towne Mall in Sandy. They are very kid friendly, with many clothing shops specifically for little ones.

Once we entered it was lunch time, and it’d been a while since Phoenix had used the restroom. We’re trying to potty train, and I know this mall has “family” restrooms. The potties are super low to the ground. At first Phoenix was intimidated by them, but she got over that quick when she realized they are just her size.

There’s also a train that runs from one end of the mall to the other, just for littles and their families to ride, a play area where littles can dig up dinosaur bones, and other activities. But by far my favorite is the carousel.


The carousel has been there since my best friend of the time and I used to wander the mall when we were young. I remember looking at all the beautifully painted animals, admiring their beauty as we’d pass by the thing situated in the center of the mall, just out front of the food court. They’ve since moved it toward an outer wall, but it’s still near the food court.

Once Phoenix had laid eyes on it she wanted to ride. After we ate we let her. It cost us $2, and went on for a good long time. She chose her own mount, a beautiful horse done up in bright beautiful roses.

While we rode I was watching the gears up above the ceiling making the horse go up and down. Phoenix watched that for awhile as well.

Phoenix was done with the ride before it came to a stop, but she had a good time anyway.


Once that was over we went looking for a coat and boots. By the third shop we hit Phoenix told us she had to potty, so Stile took her back up to the family restrooms, where she did her business. We’re so proud of her.

Eventually we found a grey coat with silver hearts that shine in the light like little reflectors, a white and grey jacket that looks suspiciously like Totoro, a pair of brown pull on shoes that look very similar to a pair I own, and bright pink moon boots.

We came away a few bucks lighter, but in confidence that our little girl shall be warmer this winter in gear that fits her.


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