Nucor Shortcall

Last month I took a short call for Cache Valley Electric (a short call is a call off the Union book that lasts 30 days or less). They needed help manning a shut down at Nucor Steel. It was supposed to be a 6-8 day call working 12 hour days up on the Utah/Idaho border.

Nucor takes in recycled metals, shreds them, melts them down, and makes them into new products. In this plant they make angle iron and rebar.

Since it’s an hour and a half north of my house I stayed with my cousin in Ogden. She’s 45 minutes away from the plant. I really appreciate her help, and the additional hour of sleep I get by staying up there.

Here’s my travel kitchen in the bed of my truck. This works great for week long out of town trips when I don’t need to cook anything.


All week we worked on existing equipment, mainly motors and starters, which was awesome because I have little experience with motors in general, and less in existing equipment. Most of what I’ve worked on has been new construction. It was really neat to see the job from a maintenance perspective.

For a day and a half we worked in dark rusty tunnels under the grating floor above. Everything was covered in sticky black dust that clung to everything. The motors are mounted to tall cement bases, which I had a very hard time climbing on top of. My tool partner had a much easier time, being over six foot tall, but he had a hard time getting around in the shorter tunnels.


There was a giant gear sitting in the middle of the floor, which I had to take a picture of because it was awesome! I thought I’d taken one with my boot as size comparison, but I can’t find it. So the footprints in the dust will have to do as size.

The job started on a Sunday, which was shocking since they pay us double time for Sundays, and they laid some of us off on Thursday. Thursday was perfect timing, since Wasatch had put in a call for 4 guys for Tesoro refinery, which I was willing to try for.

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