Gardner Village Elves

Saturday we wanted to see the elves at Gardner Village, so around lunch we packed up and did it!

The weather was awesome! Mid 50’s all week, which is super unusual for Utah, usually we’re mid 20-30 by now, with snow on the ground and grey skies above. Apparently it hasn’t been this warm since 1939, and I wasn’t around back then.

As soon as we got there we picked up a “scavenger hunt” list to find certain elves and win a piece of taffy for Phoenix at the end.

We wandered around a tiny bit, seeing a few of the elves before stopping for lunch at their local deli. I don’t think I’ll eat there again. The food wasn’t bad, just regular mediocre sandwich’s, which I’m not particularly fond of in the first place.

The first elves we saw  were skiers, one coming down the roof and two more riding a lift to get to the rooftop slide zone.


Phoenix looked adorable sitting in a sled built to be pulled by horses.



Phoenix wanted to run and run, my mom was keeping up with her just fine though.


Once we’d finished lunch we got serious, looking for the elves on the list.

The first set of elves we came across were toy testing. Phoenix wanted to see them badly enough to stick her cute face up against the fence.


The next we came up to was Santa’s Post Office


We walked across the scare to see a center ring of ice and three ice skaters twirling around on it. One skates as well as I do, on his butt.


We wandered down a path next to the book shop to see many elves lighting a gingerbread house.


Phoenix loved the lollipop trees. There were two elves decorating cookies inside a window as well.



As we wandered across the square we walked under a water tank, and came across the water truck, being led by another elf who gave Phoenix a brief ride.


We came around a corner to watch a Kiss contest taking place, and in the window behind were elves sewing stockings. Across the street was another elf selling trees ready for decorating.


Phoenix loves trains! We came across this one, on a mount that made it go round and round. She started running around it yelling “I catch the train!” Stile took many pictures of her, which I’ve cropped together.



When we turned around we saw an elf looking back at us, with a camera in hand, I think he was taking pictures of us playing around the train! There was also a break room with elves watching Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. The very first elf we saw when we got there was the binocular “I’m watching you” with his note pad of Naught/Nice.



At the mill we watched as elves tried to hang the star on the top of a mighty tall tree. I’m glad I’m not the unfortunate soul hanging from the pulley system trying to get it all lined up


Next we walked by the spa where Joel and I spent some time back in October for our anniversary. An elven barber was trimming up the beard of another elf.




Continuing on, Phoenix was enraptured by the ducks swimming in the stream. I think the elf was asking her for soap or something for his bath.


We played on the bridges a little, Phoenix looked through every hole she could reach.



Next we came upon a little band of musicians. Somehow they can magically sing and play those instruments at the same time, or perhaps the piano player can do mens and womens voices. :)

A giant candy apple sits outside the candy shop, topped by an elf. Down at the other end of the main street are two elves trying to climb a tree to decorate it. I think they’ll have better luck with a ladder.


My favorite were the camping elves! I love their little trailer, I’m going to build something similar eventually. Roasting marshmallows over a fire is always an awesome thing to do. Definitely cool.



Just outside the bead shop was the cocoa vendor, hawking his wares from atop a barrel. WE just finished the quest, and found many more than were necessary for the taffy. So we went to the candy shop and got our free piece, as well as a random bag to share at home.



Now it’s time to go, so we wandered through and found a few more elves. By this time Phoenix was tired, and more interested in the column than the elf with lists if names.



And the last elf as we were leaving was draped over an arch dangling mistletoe over a bench. I made sure to kiss my giggling little girl right there!



It was a great trip, well worth the time.

I think the elves look like thinner versions of Hoggle off of Labrynth, but I love that movie, so all is well.

If you get a chance, take your kids, take your family, check out the elves at Gardner Village.

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