Errands and bike?

The other day I got a short call for Nucor. It starts Sunday.

Today Phoenix and I ran some errands. I was looking for coveralls, because I need some clothes I can destroy in a steel refinery.  We went to the Taylorsville Savers and Murray DI with no luck. I ended up walking out of DI with 3 pair of new jeans for me, 2 skirts for Phoenix, a toy plane for Phoenix, and a Nerf gun for me.

I figure I can destroy some jeans I already own, and keep the new ones in their place.

We then went  to the library where I saw this sitting in the parking lot when we came out.

9.4.14.corplast1 9.4.14.corplast2 9.4.14.corplast3

I’m not sure what they’re going for, but the overall look is interesting. It’s made out of what we call Corplast. Its very similar to cardboard, only made from plastics. We often use it in low dust areas, as for Microns (IM Flash) process areas. It is corrugated plastic sheets.

They had screwed through it to the frame of the bike to get this shape.

It was definitely interesting to walk out and see this sitting there. I wonder if it’s something built for Comicon, since that’s going on right now?


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