CONduit 2015

CONduit is a small Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention based in Salt Lake City. Their theme this year was “There and Back Again.” We didn’t do anything along the lines of that.

Stile and I have been going to it for at least the last 6 years. We take Phoenix now as well.

Friday we got there pretty late, we started a children’s quest for Phoenix. We also sat through a panel on Geek Parenting.

2015-05-22 starfire and Belle

Phoenix was thrilled to find Belle, so we had a picture taken with her.

Saturday we saw a few panels and played Dungeons and Dragons with version 5 rules, as well as Red Dragon Inn. We have yet to pick up Red Dragon Inn, but it was a lot of fun and we plan to go looking for it. So far, I liked the rules on D&D V5. I think it’s worth playing, at least so far, I don’t know how much they’ve changed the character classes.

2015-05-23 trek and Hermoine

We ran into many Trekkies, as well as an adorable Hermoine.

2015-05-23 CONduitstartrek

I went as a steampunk, but have no pictures to show. Phoenix was at my parents for the day.

2015-05-23 Assassins creed

Stile wanted to be Altaïr from Assassins Creed, I hadn’t had time to work on it until recently. It’s a work in progress, but he looks good.

Sunday we saw a few more panels and finished the children’s quest. Phoenix got a bag of goodies which included a temporary tattoo of a phoenix.


2015-05-24 fae dance

Phoenix and I danced to the Just Dance game on Xbox One. I’m sure we looked quite silly, but we had a great time.

2015-05-24 Fae1

Looking over the lake at the ducks and geese swimming there. Someone suggested I give Phoenix little horns and she’d be a dragon. I think I like that idea, it’ll be in the works.

2015-05-24 gameroom

We took lunch in the board game room, where they did a drawing for the people who had played games at any time over the weekend. We won 3 new board games we’re still trying to figure out how to play.
Even though there were many fewer people than previously we had a blast, and plan to go again next year.

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