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Fairy Wings

Cellophane Fairy Wing Tutorial Phoenix got a pair of fairy wings from the dollar store last year. The elastic was never any good, so I cut that off and replaced it with a safety pin, which was a little bit of a pain because she couldn’t get them on or off by herself. The center […]

Showgirl Headpiece Completion

  Today I got to work on that fancy commission piece I’ve talked about all week. Phoenix went to my Mom-in-laws, she loves it there and she’s a pleasure to them, so it’s really good all around. I was really nervous about working with such expensive feathers, and I’d never done a piece like this […]

A Day Full of Hats

Yesterday I got my first commission. Today we, Phoenix and I, spent three hours of the rainy afternoon hunting down pieces and parts for a very fancy headpiece. I’ve never bought so many feathers in all my life! It was quite extraordinary. I will have to remember Hobby Lobby is the go-to for feathers, for […]