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Welders Cap Custom Bill

I had a request from a welder to do a longer bill on his cap which would also protect his neck from the sun if he chose to use it that way. Stile has a favorite cotton cap that had a nice long back that we used as a pattern for this cap.     […]

Oregon Custom Order

A few of my Union brothers are selling my hats up in Washington and Oregon. Apparently the Oregon guys have requested University of Oregon, Oregon Ducks, welders caps. COOL! A custom order, these are kinda fun. So, I went online and purchased the fabric, since I’ve never seen it in town here. This order contains […]

Fairy Festival

Today is Fairy Festival! We hope to be there early, Crone’s Hollow opens the gate at noon. We also have a wedding reception for one of my D&D buddies tonight. I didn’t have Stile’s dragon wings done yet, so that is order of the morning. I started by building a piece for the wings to […]