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Phoenix Shopping Trip

Mid November came, and with it chill air. Phoenix is growing so quickly, she’s outgrown all of her 18 month clothes, including the cute leopard print coat she’s used for two years. Her shoes were found at the DI for very cheap while I was laid off, and she had no snow boots for the […]

All Hallows Eve 2014

It’s nice to be working when my favorite holiday rolls around. The costume shops open up and I am able to afford a few strange new things. This year we found a very cute wicked fairy costume for Phoenix, and Stile was attracted to the jesters. We trick or treated a few houses, and answered […]

Witch’s Night

Last month was October. Each year Gardener Village does two weekends when all the witch’s come out to play. We joined in the fun on the 24th. There was a multitude of people dancing in the square, shipping in every shop in the place, visiting, eating, and just generally having a great time. it was […]

Words and words

Phoenix is 2 1/2. She hasn’t done a lot of talking until very recently. Her words are a little screwed up, as any toddlers are, but here are a few cute ones she says. Cookie = tookie Water= wawa more please = mo peas Sit down= sit (with a very definite T) dow Little= wala […]

City Smells

Phoenix and I went to the hall the Friday I was laid off from cache valley short call, to try and get me a new job. I needed to go to the credit union and turn my checks in anyway. I got the call, ┬ábut didn’t stay until the following Thursday. Afterward we went to […]