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Small hats that look like their big counterparts

Long walk

Phoenix and I dance in the yard often. We like to get gussied up in all our bellydance finery and shake it to good music on the lawn. Mostly she loves it when I run the veil over and around her. My ulterior motive was to see if the ankle bells would hold up. They […]

Model Child

Phoenix loves to do whatever I am doing, so when we were at Deseret Industries (the local thrift shop) we came across a play sewing machine. We decided to take it home, wash it up, and let her play with it. So far she thinks its pretty cool.Shortly after this she decided to spin herself […]

A Day Full of Hats

Yesterday I got my first commission. Today we, Phoenix and I, spent three hours of the rainy afternoon hunting down pieces and parts for a very fancy headpiece. I’ve never bought so many feathers in all my life! It was quite extraordinary. I will have to remember Hobby Lobby is the go-to for feathers, for […]