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Very Greek Grilled…Pork

Bo and I are beginning to train ourselves to run, again. Stile has been most supportive in this, taking Phoenix for the half hour-40 minutes it takes us to do our training. We have run twice now, Four sets of: walk 5 minutes, followed by run 2 minutes. I’m sore, and Bo shows some stiffness […]

A Matter of Faxe

Last night Stile and I went to a Murder Mystery Dinner. It was a load of fun. Set in 1895, Arthur E. Faxe, and archaeologist, has invited his friend to a dig site, where they dine on crystal platters and have tea in the pavilion. He and his friends, along with many servants and guards, […]

Riverton City Parade

Riverton City has their Fourth of July Parade on the third. They close Redwood Road and a few other streets for a few hours on the night of the parade. Though Stile and I have been invited every year for the past five years, we had never gone before this year. This is Phoenix’s first […]

Greek Pork Kebobs with Tzatziki Sauce

We made Chicken Kebobs the other day and still had half a red pepper and half a green pepper left over. The chicken kebobs the other night called for yogurt, which we don’t eat unflavored so this uses up a cup of that as well. I want to get those used up before they went […]

Chicken Kebobs

Friday night we tried a new recipe. There is a Lebanese restaurant called Cedars of Lebanon in downtown Salt Lake City that we love to go to, they are expensive, so we don’t go much, but when we do, it’s totally worth it. The food is excellent and filling, and they often have bellydancers. Stile […]