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Very Greek Grilled…Pork

Bo and I are beginning to train ourselves to run, again. Stile has been most supportive in this, taking Phoenix for the half hour-40 minutes it takes us to do our training. We have run twice now, Four sets of: walk 5 minutes, followed by run 2 minutes. I’m sore, and Bo shows some stiffness […]

A Matter of Faxe

Last night Stile and I went to a Murder Mystery Dinner. It was a load of fun. Set in 1895, Arthur E. Faxe, and archaeologist, has invited his friend to a dig site, where they dine on crystal platters and have tea in the pavilion. He and his friends, along with many servants and guards, […]

Hot Feet

    We went out to get the mail from the mailman right before lunch. I know how hot the cement gets when its 100 degrees outside, so I carried Phoenix out to the lawn and asked her to stay on the lawn while I closed the door. I picked her up again and we went […]

Riverton City Parade

Riverton City has their Fourth of July Parade on the third. They close Redwood Road and a few other streets for a few hours on the night of the parade. Though Stile and I have been invited every year for the past five years, we had never gone before this year. This is Phoenix’s first […]