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Crochet projects I am working on or have completed

Doll Stroller and Devil Doll

Phoenix has two dolls that I crochet for her. Their names are Dolly, which she got for her first birthday, and Devil, which she got for her second birthday. The other day Phoenix got a stroller from our friends. She only lets Dolly ride in it, so I repeatedly put Devil in it, while Phoenix […]

Chickens and Catbus

The chicks are eating like hogs and drinking way more than I expected them to. I’ve refilled their totally drained water about every other day this week, and it’s been chilly to downright cold (in my opinion). They are almost two months old now and still growing. I’m glad all four have made it, they […]

Catbus and Chocolate Milk

Today, I finally finished Phoenix’s catbus. I was hoping to have this done for Easter, but am now a week and a day late. Oops, well, at least I did finish it. It took a lot more yarn than I expected! 3 whole 3 oz skeins of gold Lion Brand yarn (I ran out last […]