All Hallows Eve 2014

It’s nice to be working when my favorite holiday rolls around. The costume shops open up and I am able to afford a few strange new things.

This year we found a very cute wicked fairy costume for Phoenix, and Stile was attracted to the jesters.

We trick or treated a few houses, and answered the door as fairies. WileE. came over and we watched Betelguise and the vampire Johnny Depp movie. Quite entertaining.


I don’t generally like the costumes they have for men or women. The men’s are generally an over sized shirt and over sized pants, bound with a sash with some awful mask to try and tie the whole hideous thing together. The women’s are always slinky short or skin tight.

We stopped in Zurchers party store to see if they had any better costumes than the costume shops around the corner where we fell into an awesome mask. It’s got the Victorian bird doctor beak look, with a harlequin pattern painted in silver and black.

So i searched Pinterest for awesome jester outfits that other people have drawn or made up, combined the parts that I liked best, and came up with:


Since I am working I haven’t had much free time to work on costumes. Sadly, because I do enjoy to create strange new things. Also, a book, or four, got in the way of what little time I had.

Stile’s friend had a birthday party the Saturday after Halloween that I wanted to get the jester costumes ready for. They aren’t quite done, mines barely begun, but they came out decent none the less. I’ll work on them more in the future, I like the idea of these.

10.31.14.jesters copy

There was a collar to his jester, but it didn’t work out the way it was supposed to, and was annoying, so we left it behind. I’ll change it up and come up with something better for the next time we decide to do jesters.

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