A Weekend at ..Home

We were given a real weekends before “The Event” at Tesoro.”The Event” sounds like something out of a horror flick, somewhere I don’t want to be. However, it is technically just a shut down. They take down power and process so we can work in the units safely, and add to or remove what needs changing.

A weekend isn’t a very long time, and I did my best making good use of my time.

Friday Phoenix and I did some shopping picking up parts and materials for projects around the house I’d like to do, eventually. Once I get laid off again I’ll have time for those projects.

We ran to Lowe’s for much of that material, when we’d walked out I was loading the stuff into the truck as a fire truck was pulling up. Phoenix was holding the rear light of the truck, just as I’d asked her to do, and pointed excitedly at the truck. I was admiring the beautiful front grill.


The firemen had seen her, and I asked her if she’d like to say hi to them. She readily agreed, so I took her hand and was walking their direction, when one of them came around the truck carrying a big stuffed animal. They happily gave it to her, with grins on their faces, saying how good it made them feel to see her notice them and get excited about it. I thanked them for the bear, how very sweet!

I will have to take a picture and post it here at a later date.

We had our nails done and lunch, then went to the pool with Stile. I’m not sure Phoenix enjoyed that as much as she might have if she wasn’t already tired. But I had a good time.

Saturday Phoenix and I went to Thia’s Spring fest, a belly dance festival at the fair park. Poor little Phoenix was still tired from running around with me Friday, but she watched some of the dancers. I loved these ladies pants! Rainbows, layers and gorgeousness. There were many excellent dancers there.


We bought her a cute little pants outfit with a jingly hip scarf. It was the only outfit so small, and it drowns her. I’ll have to take in some fabric so we can lengthen it later when she gets taller.


She was a total tired pout face until we went outside and played on the pavilion.


3.7.15.stretch 3.7.15.looking 3.7.15.inquisitive  3.7.15.pavilion

We went home and got there slightly before the sears service tech. a Phoenix ate lunch he looked at my laundry washing machine, determining that the horrible Grinding nose I was hearing was caused by a plastic bottle lid between the basket and frame. He also showed me how to clean the trap.

Stile had gone shooting with WileE, who brought me a coffee. Stile left to take care of his furry family, but returned for dinner and a movie.

13 in a row, 12 hour shifts started the following Monday. 1 day off, and another 13 – 12 hour shifts. Then the shutdown will be done. I am currently on day 7 of round 2. The hours suck, but the money is good, and work never lasts forever in this trade. I’m glad I can spend time with my family while I can.

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