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Words and words

Phoenix is 2 1/2. She hasn’t done a lot of talking until very recently. Her words are a little screwed up, as any toddlers are, but here are a few cute ones she says. Cookie = tookie Water= wawa more please = mo peas Sit down= sit (with a very definite T) dow Little= wala […]

City Smells

Phoenix and I went to the hall the Friday I was laid off from cache valley short call, to try and get me a new job. I needed to go to the credit union and turn my checks in anyway. I got the call,  but didn’t stay until the following Thursday. Afterward we went to […]

Full Moon Dancing

Tonight I introduced my daughter to dancing under the light of the full moon. On full and dark moons,  I usually go out, cast a circle of protection, thank the goddess for my blessings, ask for whatever I may need at the time, meditate a little,  and close the circle, returning to the house for […]

Nucor Shortcall

Last month I took a short call for Cache Valley Electric (a short call is a call off the Union book that lasts 30 days or less). They needed help manning a shut down at Nucor Steel. It was supposed to be a 6-8 day call working 12 hour days up on the Utah/Idaho border. […]

Halloween clown house

Yesterday October 1, on the way home from work I was detoured due to a bad accident on the freeway.  As I was weaving through the neighborhoods close to my home I glanced over at this. Union meeting was that night and I continued back along that same path so I could pull over and […]