Archive | September, 2014

Our New Pup Leeloo

Yesterday Stile, Phoenix and I went to the Petsmart downtown to look at a pup Stile found online. We ended up coming home with her. She’s a pretty little thing, though very shy. The shelter had named her Spook, but since one of our cats has that name, we renamed her Leeloo, after the movie […]

Disney Aprons

Stile has a friend with a three year old. She’s having a birthday party soon. Stile and Phoenix are going to attend. Every kid likes to help in the kitchen and play with crafts, both messy occupations, so I figure an apron or two would be worth creating. Phoenix uses her few aprons all the […]

Errands and bike?

The other day I got a short call for Nucor. It starts Sunday. Today Phoenix and I ran some errands. I was looking for coveralls, because I need some clothes I can destroy in a steel refinery.  We went to the Taylorsville Savers and Murray DI with no luck. I ended up walking out of […]

Union Labor Day Picnic 2014

Here in Utah the Unions get together in Magna park for a day of entertainment and fun to celebrate Labor Day, a day set aside for working men and women. This year we had nice warm weather, sitting in the mid 80’s, and a slight breeze through cloudless skies. A gorgeous day for a picnic. […]

Sheepdog Championship 2014

Last night we ran Phoenix over to my parents house to sleep over so we could get an early start in the morning. She was a little sick, and apparently that continued into the night. I am sorry to my mom for having to watch my sick little girl who didn’t sleep much last night, […]