Archive | August, 2014

Taking Cornrows Out

Today I’ve had my cornrows in for three weeks. They’re very loose, and despite using shampoo/conditioner stuff meant for them, my scalp itches terribly. I definitely don’t want dreads, so it’s time to take them out. Here’s a picture of the day they were done. In the next shot is how much they’ve fallen and […]

Funny Faces

This morning after Phoenix had a bath we were having fun making funny faces in the bathroom mirror. Straight tongues and twisted tongues, it’s all good as long as you’re having fun! We are definitely having a good time

Summer Dance Festival

Last night my parents took Phoenix so we could go to Cotton Bottom for garlic burgers with some friends. The burgers were huge and good. If I’d have known they were that large I would have seen about sharing one with someone! The bar was a lot smaller than I had expected, having only a […]

Kids and Mountains

Next week my nieces and nephews go back to school. Yesterday they decided they were bored and wanted to come over to visit. I let them, willingly.They entertain Phoenix just by being here, they play and read with her. She loves her cousins mightily! That gave me much need time to clean the house. It’s […]

Roses in the Rain

The little rainstorms we get in Utah add delightful beauty to the plants of my garden. A Fire and Ice rose A pink Lily A Lavender rose A Red Rose A black red rose