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Baron Woolen Mills

The Baron Woolen Mill was started by the LDS Church in the 1870’s. It burned down once, and as started again, burned again, was built onto and started up again, then fell into disrepair and unused, and recently, just this summer, burned down again. A few people have died within it’s walls, but more spirits […]

Spudman Triathlon

This weekend we helped WileE. make it to his first triathlon. It’s a 3 hour drive from the Salt Lake Valley to Burley Idaho, due to my blood problems I have to get out and walk every other hour of the journey. On this trip we pulled off  nearby a ramshackle old house, so I […]

Pioneer Day 2014

The day started out like any other. Get Phoenix and me cerial, start my coffee, start a cartoon for her. Around 8 we went to check on the chickens, make sure their food and water was at a good level. While we were playing with the chickens something on the ramp caught my eye: Our […]

Summer in Utah

Last night for the last hour of sun, the light was dark gold streaming through the western windows, and though it was unique and a little cool, it also spoke ill of our air quality. This morning as I ate breakfast and sipped at my coffee I couldn’t help noticing the rose color light coming […]

Factor II Leiden and Sjogren’s Syndrome

Back in 2007 I bruised the inside of my lower calf. It didn’t just go away like bruises are supposed to, it lingered, got worse and more painful. I went to two doctors who misdiagnosed it as the same condition, but the treatment didn’t work. In March 2009 we went on a snowboard weekend. I […]