Archive | June, 2014

Grilled Strawberry Pie

On Mothers Day we all met at my grandma’s house for dinner. She was in the basement looking for cotton fabrics she could give me for welders caps when she came across this little gem. I’ve never seen one of these before, but she explained to me what it’s use was. A no flour surface […]

Malifaux and cookies

Last weekend we went to our friends house to play malifaux. This will be an every other Saturday Event. Phoenix helped me make sugar cookies, which we completely decimated over there. Three dozen cookies, three hours of games, five people, I took home two cookies. I’m glad they were a big hit. Their Mastiff was […]

Family Art, Gardens and Chickens

Friday night we were over at my in laws. My mom in law had seen a video for 3-d hand art that she loved which she shared with us. Uncle Worm helped Nene, Phoenix’s cousin complete one, I helped Phoenix, and then Nene did one of Uncle Worms hand as well. I think we all […]

Leather Scope Case

For my Steampunk outfit I wanted a scope. So last year at Steamfest I picked one up from one of the vendors. I love the scope but had a few problems with the case, its plastic-y, they didn’t have zippers in the 1800’s, and I just am not comfortable with it. I figured it’d work […]

Greek Pork Kebobs with Tzatziki Sauce

We made Chicken Kebobs the other day and still had half a red pepper and half a green pepper left over. The chicken kebobs the other night called for yogurt, which we don’t eat unflavored so this uses up a cup of that as well. I want to get those used up before they went […]