Archive | May, 2014

Backyard Camping

Stile, WileE., my mom and I went to see Maleficent this morning. It was awesome! Right up there with Labyrinth. Definitely one I’ll own once it comes out. Phoenix went over to spend the day with my mom in law, she’s too young to sit through a whole movie. She gets to play with cousins […]

Fairy Walks and Cake

My worst enemy, the bloody seam ripper! Out to draw the blood from unwary fingers and tear loose threads from the wrong part of the fabric. I hate using this tool, though it does have its necessary uses. I needed to tear apart a Retro Care Bear hat, which was made too big, for a […]

Doll Stroller and Devil Doll

Phoenix has two dolls that I crochet for her. Their names are Dolly, which she got for her first birthday, and Devil, which she got for her second birthday. The other day Phoenix got a stroller from our friends. She only lets Dolly ride in it, so I repeatedly put Devil in it, while Phoenix […]

Fairy Wings

Cellophane Fairy Wing Tutorial Phoenix got a pair of fairy wings from the dollar store last year. The elastic was never any good, so I cut that off and replaced it with a safety pin, which was a little bit of a pain because she couldn’t get them on or off by herself. The center […]