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Chickens and Catbus

The chicks are eating like hogs and drinking way more than I expected them to. I’ve refilled their totally drained water about every other day this week, and it’s been chilly to downright cold (in my opinion). They are almost two months old now and still growing. I’m glad all four have made it, they […]

Catbus and Chocolate Milk

Today, I finally finished Phoenix’s catbus. I was hoping to have this done for Easter, but am now a week and a day late. Oops, well, at least I did finish it. It took a lot more yarn than I expected! 3 whole 3 oz skeins of gold Lion Brand yarn (I ran out last […]

Nihon Matsuri 2014

Today we went to Nihon Matsuri, the Japan Festival in Salt Lake City. It’s a chilly (high of 50) wet day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many umbrellas in one place before. Utah is High Desert, it doesn’t rain a whole lot, I don’t think most people own an umbrella here. Despite being […]

Roses new home

It was breezy and chillier today. Kind of nice actually. My Sis in law and mom in law took Phoenix for the day so she wouldn’t be in the (potential) rain. It didn’t actually get around to raining until 6ish tonight. We got the roses pulled out of WileE.’s front yard, he wants to grow […]

Beautiful Day

Today’s excitement started with a beautiful morning walk. The wind was brisk and playful, I chased Phoenix’s hat three times, it kept flying from her head. Bo wanted to jump into the very full canal and take a swim, as well as chase ducks. It was a nice morning for a mile walk, and it […]