2014 Utah Winter Faire

2013 began the Utah Winter Faire. We attended, loved it, and am so glad they’re continuing our new December tradition this year.

Stile,  WileE, my cousin, her daughter, Phoenix, and I went to this years Utah Winter Faire Sunday.  It worked best for everyone’s schedule.

I bought the multi person pass, which gets 6 people in for a mere $25, children under 6 are free. Then I started inviting people since Stile and I only make up 2 on the ticket.

I invited WileE, who was a little nervous about going, and he figured he’d be working Saturday, so we planned for Sunday. So, up to 3.

I invited my cousin next, and we were both in luck, this was her weekend with her daughter. Also, she was in a funk, and ready for one of my crazy adventures. There’s 5.

Next I called a neighbor, who was unable to attend due to college finals in the upcoming week. Oh well, we’ll invite her again next year.


Who’s my fierce little fairy? LOL

They opened the doors at noon, we were all late. But we all got there safely, eventually.

On entry we were told there’s two buildings, and already there’s more vendors and more going on in the first building than there was last year.

They had a kids quest last year, and another this year, seeing and speaking to different people. Phoenix hunted out Santa, mermaids, fae, slew a dragon, and eventually was knighted by the king and queen.

I love Steampunk Santa! I think he’s the best Santa I’ve ever seen around.


These pictures totally make me laugh.

Phoenix brought her quest page up to Santa, but it looks like her list of wants. It looks like Santa is thinking ‘Do I have one of those?’ Then they discuss it some more, and must come to some agreement to get grins that big!

We spoke with Charmed Life SLC, who is always awesome, and has unique items in her shop. I drooled over the fur lined fingerless gloves last year, but was feeling too broke to buy them. I got a beautiful grey pair yesterday, which I love.

We also needed to talk to mermaids.


I wanted in on the picture, I mean, real mermaids, who wouldn’t!? So I look a bit like a git at that weird angle, I almost don’t care.

The awesome artist/writer of The Zombie Nation was there. We met them 4 years ago at CONduit, our local Sci fi/Fantasy convention. We’ve loved all their stuff since, and it helps that they’re local Utah based. Makes the humor more. I bought a sticker for my hardhat, a Cthulhu bookmark, and a mug as a gift.

On our second round of the first building we came across the Arctic Queen. She and Phoenix had a long chat.


It looks to me like Phoenix is trying to decide how much to tell, then beckons the queen in close to share her secret. They have a nice grin, and Phoenix feels relieved to get whatever her secret was off her little mind.

She also met the Fae, and was knighted to finish up the quest.

Stile and I bought some awesome rolling pins, I’m sure next time I bake I’ll be using that, and taking pictures just to show off it’s beauty.

We stopped between buildings to get a few group pictures. WileE took the group shots, since he was to good to dress up. I bet he felt out of place, being one of the very few not dressed awesome!

Here’s a shot of the gals, Stile isn’t in it, since we didn’t get any full group shots on our camera.


While we were out there, Phoenix and I danced for a good long while. THe guys took a lot more pictures of that than I had expected.


Once we got home it was time to get into “regular clothes”. That hairdo looked really strange in jeans and a shirt. When I was taking it down Stile grabbed my new bookmark and took a shot of me and my Cthulhu head!



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